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Selling & buying a home?

Selling and buying a home too? Use us for both and we'll reduce our list commission to $990. Since we earn a commission when you buy, we help you save when you sell. 

Selling but not buying?

Selling a home but not buying too? Save with a list commission of just 1%. Refer us someone who buys within a year and we'll refund the entire 1% except for $990. 

“Our experience with 990 Sells was our best with a real estate transaction… ever!"
“Our agent provided superior service for only $990.”
“A $990 commission should be the future of real estate!”
“Our 990 agent made selling our home a really fantastic venture.”
“Our experience with 990 Sells was our best with a real estate transaction… ever!”
“Our home was sold in JUST 11 days and we saved over $9000.”
“The 990 savings we made selling our home funded a year’s tuition for our son.”
“Our 990 agent was stellar and better than any 6% agent we have used in the past”
"It exceeded all my expectations. This program saved us $9000!"

Sell your home for more than it's worth

Learn a proven way to sell for 3%-5% more than your neighbors

990 Agents Sell Homes

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990 Agents Sell Homes

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990 Sellers

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$990 commission applies to homes listed below $500,000. Ask about our low commission for homes over $500,000

Smart Real Estate

This is not discount real estate, it's smart real estate. Anyone can charge less, do less and earn less. Few create an industry-disrupting formula that enables them to profit fairly while their customers experience a better result at a lower cost. Amazon did it. Uber did it. We did it.

990 Agents Work Harder

6% agents earn a whopping 3% the moment you list. Many collect listings, doing little to sell them. 990 agents can't do that. They only earn $990 when you list. Their profit comes from working hard to find a buyer for your home so they can earn the 2.5%-3% buyer-side commission.