990 Agents

990 Agents Were Once 6% Agents

990 Sells is a national network of full service Realtors affiliated with the top real estate firms in each market. Our agents were successful at traditional 6% real estate, but observed that their clients became increasingly resistant to paying high commissions.

990 agents tell us that as the Internet reduced the cost of selling a home, they felt guilty collecting multi-thousand dollar commissions not justified by their expense and time involved in selling the homes.

990 Agents Are Open-Minded

Some 6% agents won’t explore lower commission models, even proven concepts like 990 that help clients save while they have the opportunity to earn more. Why? They don’t want to be branded as “discounters” by other 6% agents. It sounds ridiculous, but this backward attitude persists in the real estate industry.

It’s one of the reasons we respect our 990 agents so much. They were open minded, willing to check out our low commission model in spite of flak from 6% protectionists. That says a lot about the kind of people they are.

990 Agents Care About You

We hear it time and again. A primary reason 990 agents make the switch from 6% to 990 is because they care about you! It’s true.

New 990 agents often tell us a primary motivation for making the switch is to wake up excited and feel better each day offering clients a way to save so much money. They genuinely care about helping you afford a better vacation, better education, or sleep better at night because you have a bigger savings account.

990 Agents Care About Themselves Too

Naturally, 990 agents care about enjoying the fruits of prosperity themselves. That’s why joining 990 was such an easy choice.

In the next few sections you will learn exactly how 990 agents can charge you less and earn more for themselves. It’s a rare consumer look inside the real estate business.

Most Agents Struggle For Business

Most Realtors spend more time looking for business than doing business. They spend their days networking, making calls, knocking on doors and handing out business cards.

It’s why the failure rate in real estate is so high. Most agents can capably do business, they just don’t have enough business.

990 Agents Have More Business

When 990 agents promote the 990 message, the phone starts ringing. They receive calls from sellers who want to save and buyers who want to see their new listings.

Instead of searching for business, 990 agents spend their days helping people buy and sell homes. It’s more fun, more fulfilling, and more profitable.

990 Agents Have A Real Business

Traditional agents usually rely on personal networking for business. This means they are forever dependent on their personality (and their health) to earn a living.

990 agents prosper because of their superior business model. This allows them to grow their business by hiring and training other 990 agents, and to take time off without sacrificing income.

Preserving Quality in Real Estate

A new type of real estate firm has evolved. They offer lower fees by hiring less-experienced agents on modest salaries. While you save on commission, you sacrifice on quality.

With 990, you get an experienced, full service agent from a top local firm. You save without sacrifice.

That’s our better way. Yours too.