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Take a 20% market share in 90 days.

"I had five 990 calls this week."
Adam Furguson, Fairfax, VA
"Got my first home under contract before we even hit MLS."
Jim Brantley, Charleston, South Carolina
"My first 990 listing generated two unrepresented buyers within two days."
Todd McKenna, Charleston, South Carolina
"1 Month in and I already have 2 sales and 1 listing call from the $990 door hangers!"
Christine Nielsen
"We put door hangers out 1 week ago, and have already taken 1 listing and have another listing appointment this week!"
Kristin Gragg

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Take 20% of the listings in your market in 90 days

You can. Here’s the scoop in a nutshell.

After 90 days of “prime the pump” marketing our message in any area you choose, you should receive calls from 1 of 5 homeowners who decide to sell. You will spend about $300 in marketing for each listing you take and earn an average of 3% on each of those listings.

You can scale your business up as fast as you like. The more you spend, the more listings you take.

Start with as little as $300/month in marketing. This should generate a listing a month after 90 days of driving home the message we give you.

Spend $600 a month in marketing to generate two new listings a month. So on and so forth.

Start with a budget that’s comfortable for you. Expand as you observe how well it works and as you start collecting the extra commission checks.

The “magic dust” is that you will market a $990 list-side commission to home sellers. As you can guess, they will be attracted like bees swarming to honey.

Other agents who charge 5%-6% will not be able to compete with this message. Of course, the big question you have is, “How can I make money charging only $990?”

That’s the brilliance of this program. It’s not discount real estate, it’s smart real estate. If you are open-minded enough to learn how it works, you’ll see we have an Uber, Airbnb, Travelocity model adjusted to real estate. Those companies earn more by charging less. So will you with 990.

We will show you how to monetize the listings you take at an average of 3% each! You don’t even have to pay us to learn the secret sauce. Just sign up below to talk with us for 30 minutes by phone.

We give you more than training. It’s almost like a franchise (without having to leave your current firm.) We provide you with everything you need, including a personally branded 990 Website, 990 URL, 990 Home Seller Video, 990 Home Seller Brochure, and an array of digital and print marketing material templates.

It’s a ready to go business, designed for forward thinking real estate agents who care about their success more than worrying what other agents think. The truth is many traditional agents won’t like that you take so much business from them so quickly, particularly when you do it by offering sellers a way to pay less. Some agents have an obsession with charging as close to 6% as they can rather than exploring ways to earn more by giving consumers what they want… lower real estate fees.

Amazon revolutionized retailing and book stores paid the price because they wouldn’t accept consumers magnetic attraction to a convenient savings alternative. Uber is toasting taxi drivers because cabbies won’t accept consumers attraction to a convenient, lower cost alternative.

Think it can’t happen in real estate? That’s what video stores and travel agents thought too. . . until it happened to them. Virtually every consumer thinks real estate costs are too high. Ask them.

Real estate agents who fight this are going to lose. Those who leverage it are going to be the winners. Don’t think of it as bad, think of it as an opportunity.

The 990 Program is the only real estate program in America that gives consumers the savings they want, while enabling you to earn more, a lot more, in the process. That’s why it’s not discount real estate, it’s smart real estate. Any fool can simply charge less and earn less. That is not what this is about.

BTW, don’t think consumers want you to earn less. They don’t.

Consumers flock to successful, profitable companies. They simply expect business people in every industry to be smart enough to figure out how to lower costs, improve their product or service, and earn a profit in the process. That’s what the 990 Program accomplishes in real estate.

To see the power of our messaging to home sellers, check out our national website at 990SELLS.

You can see an example of the personally branded website we build for each 990 Agent HERE.

We’d love to tell you more. Schedule a 30-minute call below with one of our friendly 990 Agent reps. Whether you join of not, we’ll do our best to give you a fresh, new perspective on real estate.

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