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“Our experience with 990 Sells was our best with a real estate transaction… ever!"
“Our agent provided superior service for only $990.”
“A $990 commission should be the future of real estate!”
“Our 990 agent made selling our home a really fantastic venture.”
“Our experience with 990 Sells was our best with a real estate transaction… ever!”
“Our home was sold in JUST 11 days and we saved over $9000.”
“The 990 savings we made selling our home funded a year’s tuition for our son.”
“Our 990 agent was stellar and better than any 6% agent we have used in the past”

The cost of selling a home is ridiculous, most would agree

I belong to a national network of full service real estate agents who provide everything you’d expect from a 6% agent, but at a commission of just $990. Home sellers across the country have already saved millions using this program.

I am also part of an elite group of agents trained and licensed to use the “Home Launch Formula,” a marketing process proven to generate more buyer demand, the key to selling any home at a higher price. It has been featured in Forbes, Real Estate Today, U.S. News & World Report, NPR, and over 300 other publications worldwide.

Sell for more. Save money. Talk with me before listing your home.

Tom Cerkoski

How It Works

My $990 flat fee includes all traditional real estate services. Professional photography. Yard sign. Open houses. MLS. Zillow. Trulia. Realtor.com. Negotiation. Contract prep. Representation from beginning to end. Everything you’d expect from a 6% agent… for thousands less. You sacrifice nothing. You save a bundle. 

Smart Real Estate

Anyone can charge less, do less and earn less. But I have an industry-disrupting formula that enables me to be compensated fairly while you experience a better result at a lower cost.

Amazon did it. Uber did it. I am doing it with the 990 program.
When you list with me, you have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in commission without sacrificing the full service you deserve.

Happy Clients

“It sounded too good to be true. A couple Realtor friends said it must not be full service. My parents warned us to be careful, it must be a scam…but this program is not a scam! It exceeded all my expectations. The agents were friendly, professional, and very quick to get my house listed and sold.  This program saved us $9000! We recommend this program to anyone!”
-Steve and Kristy

”I sold my house in 6 days with the 990 system!”

“I saved over $6200!”

990 Agents Sell Homes

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990 Agents Sell Homes

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990 Sellers

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990 Sellers

$ 2000

Sell your home for more than it's worth

Learn a proven way to sell for 3%-5% more than your neighbors

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"Shaking things up in the residential real estate industry."

Business Wire

""Apple advanced home selling formula.”

Yahoo Finance

"Home selling formula nets 3-8% higher prices for homeowners."

Real Estate Today

"A real estate visionary."

US News

“A real estate agent’s first move in listing a home.”

Wall Street Journal

"The talk of the Cincinnati real estate community."


"Greg Hague shares bold strategies."

The Huffington Post

"Fair to you, fair to your Realtor."


Tom Cerkoski

Tom Cerkoski

License # 475.16623
Palm Tree Realty LLC

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