Our mission is to lower the cost of selling a home.

The 5%-6% real estate commission is unjustifiable. Few Realtors spend more than $500 in photography and advertising to market a home. The national average is $388.

The traditional high cost of selling a home has been both a burden and an equity drain for 50+ years. The money could have helped families fund a higher education, a memorable vacation, or a peaceful night’s sleep because of a larger savings account.


The 990 home selling model is logical and fair.

The $990 list-side commission covers our agents’ out-of-pocket cost of marketing your home, leaving only a small profit. This motivates them to work hard to find a buyer for your home and earn the 2.5%-3% buyer-side commission.

But many homes sell to buyers working with other agents. When that happens, your 990 agent doesn’t earn very much, but can still profit if you buy your next home through them or refer a friend to them. We hope you will do both.

In a nutshell, that’s how our system works.


Because 6% agents figure they’ve earned a 3% list commission the moment you list, they often “collect listings” as a business model. In other words, they spend their days trying to list homes instead of working to sell the homes they already have listed.

The 990 commission structure incentivizes 990 agents to do what you expect your listing agent to do… make calls, send emails, post ads, and work every day to find a buyer for your home. Because they only earn a $990 list commission, 990 agents are super-motivated to find your best buyer and earn the standard 2.5%-3% buyer agent commission.

Our business model motivates 990 agents to do what all agents should, but many don’t.


Unlike most agents, 990 agents are home selling specialists. Their daily focus is selling the homes they have listed.

In this high-demand market, 990 agents usually have an overflow of buyers who inquire about their 990 listings. We teach them to refer buyers who don’t want to buy their listed homes to other agents and earn an industry norm 25% referral fee in return.

This enhances our agents’ income without taking their time away from selling your home. This is a unique and important part of our business model.


Due to our “find buyers for your listings” commission incentivized model, 990 agents are dedicated to exploring and learning the latest technologies to attract buyers, excite buyers, and make the home buying process easy and seamless for buyers.

From Facebook targeted marketing to our proprietary “Apple Smart” pre-marketing home launch formula featured in Forbes (and 300 other publications worldwide), 990 agents are technology gurus who are often called upon to lead real estate classes and host webinars to teach other agents how it’s done.


990 Sells was founded and is managed by 35-year real estate broker and attorney, Greg Hague.

Greg became the #1 real estate agent in his market, then founded a real estate firm that he grew to 121 offices and 4000 agents. When he launched his luxury home firm, it skyrocketed to #1 in his market in just 24 months.

Greg is a 5-star Avvo rated attorney, Huffington Post real estate writer/contributor, and was recently featured in Forbes as one of America’s leading home selling strategists.

He is a sought after speaker, recently giving a keynote address for Coldwell Banker, and is endorsed by notables like Hall of Fame Coach Lou Holtz, bestselling author Harvey Mackay, and none other than “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali. (“Greg Hague is the Muhammad Ali of real estate.” – Muhammad Ali)


Leadership is not about titles, glory or prestige. It is about keeping a team inspired and focused on a worthwhile goal.

The 990 leadership team is a  dedicated “roll up your sleeves” group of proven real estate and business leaders who deeply and enthusiastically believe in our 990 mission. We all believe that the real estate business desperately needs change.

We are committed to leading the way, pledging our passion and energy to modernizing the home selling process, improving the home selling experience, and lowering the cost of selling a home.    

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