Greg Hague


Greg Hague

At 9 years old, I worked nights and weekends in our basement helping my dad mimeograph info on homes, insert the pages into 3-ring binders, and deliver them to brokers in Cincinnati. My father’s idea, The Cincinnati Property Exchange, was history in the making, the foundation for today’s MLS.

Companies reflect leadership. Before entrusting the sale of your home to one of my 990 agents, you deserve to know whether I am a knowledgeable, credible, leader and whether I’ve assembled a world-class leadership team. Find below a few of my career highlights as well as those of my team.

Before he passed away, I had the great honor to become friends with Lonnie and Muhammad Ali. Muhammad was kind enough to endorse me, “Greg Hague is the Muhammad Ali of real estate.” This meant a lot to me because like my dad, Muhammad was a maverick, a bigger than life personality who inspired me to take positions against tradition when tradition needed to change.

That’s what I’ve tried to do during my 50 years in real estate; and that is what 990 is all about. The cost of selling a home has been too high for too long. My father (and Mr. Ali) would be proud that I’m leading the way to a better way.

  • Founder/CEO, 121 Office, 4000 Agent Real Estate Firm
  • Founder/CEO AZ’s #1 Ranked Luxury Home Brokerage
  • #1 Listing & Selling Realtor In Arizona
  • 5 Star Avvo Superb Rated Attorney
  • Scored #1 On Bar Exam
  • Former Dale Carnegie Instructor
  • Former Law Professor of the Year
  • Master Level Negotiator
  • Real Estate Contributor, Huffington Post
  • Featured by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NPR
    Bestselling Author on Fathering
  • LinkedIn’s Most Recommended Real Estate Expert

“The Muhammad Ali of Real Estate”… Muhammad Ali