The Home Price Bidding War Nobody Wins

It’s one of the most reprehensible practices in real estate, causing husband-wife fights, stress, delay and lost opportunity. It also costs homeowners millions in lost value each year. What is it? It’s a selfish practice some Realtors commonly use, telling you that your home is worth more than it is to win the listing. Think … Read more

Don’t Blame Realtors Who Don’t Work Hard

Did you know that a person’s actions can be influenced by art on a wall? It’s true. Some paintings and photos cause us to act differently. An experiment in a company’s lunchroom placed an “honesty box” on a table next to the 50-cent self-serve coffee. A picture was hung on the wall above the honesty … Read more

Is Arizona Really the Worst Place For Young People to Live?

According to a 2017 article, Arizona ranked dead last (tied with New Hampshire) among desirable states for young people. It said Arizona is fraught with livability negatives for young adults. The study on which the article is based evaluated eight key metrics, including access to fitness facilities, broadband Internet, availability of affordable rentals, job … Read more

The Power of the Appraisal

The appraisal can be a home seller’s biggest fear.  You and your listing agent have priced your home for what you believe it is worth, usually based on market conditions and recent comparable sales.  Your buyer is all in – ready to move ahead and move in.  But the dark cloud looming on the horizon … Read more

Six Steps to Sell Your Home to Millennial Buyers

Millennials, the largest generation in history, are about to enter their peak spending years. Born between 1980 and 2000, this generation is 92 million strong, compared to baby boomers at 72 million. The great news for home sellers is that 93% of renters aged 18-34 intend to own a home someday. In order to effectively … Read more

Why a Seller’s Story Should be Told

A house is more than just a piece of property – it’s a home. It is where hopes and dreams reside.  It is where we make memories and grow through stages of our lives. When you make the decision to sell your home, you are more than just the “sellers”.  You are real people with … Read more

Getting Personal with Listing Agents – What Sellers Need to Know

Selling a home is a big decision that usually has a major financial impact on homeowners. A primary residence is often a seller’s biggest asset, especially older adults.  According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, equity in the home often outweighs cash in 401(k)s, IRAs and other investments for Americans over the … Read more

The Psychology Behind Selling A Home

Almost every Arizona realtor has had the same training in marketing: prepare a listing presentation, research the comps to suggest a list price, photograph the home (sometimes even wow the seller with the more expensive “twilight” photo shoot), put a sign in the yard, and get it on the MLS as soon as possible. Then … Read more

A Common Mistake Home Sellers Make

After negotiating thousands of sales over 35 years I’ve seen an array of price-depressing mistakes homeowners (and their Realtors) consistently make.  One biggie is listing homes in MLS (Multiple Listing Service) too quickly. MLS should be used strategically, not immediately. Here’s why. The MLS tells buyers how many days your home has been on the … Read more

Smart Sellers Think Like Buyers

Selling your home? Price it fairly and you are likely to receive offers. How do you decide whether to accept, reject, or counter offer back to a buyer? My father was a real estate broker. He was gifted at condensing important concepts into one sentence rules to help me make better decisions. Since my dad’s … Read more