3 Things You Must Know When Selling Your Home

The Three Things You Must Know When Selling Your Home

You may think that selling your home is only about selling the home. It’s not. To maximize your selling price, it’s essential to create a perception of “Better Circumstances.” When deciding how much to offer, homebuyers consider three factors in addition to the physical home; the asking price, time on the market, and the sellers’ … Read more

It’s Not About 990. It’s About Fair.

This won’t shock you. Paying 6% to sell your home is too much, way too much. In today’s Internet based, technology driven world, homes can be given exposure to buyers far more efficiently and cost effectively than 20 years ago. Computers deliver more for the same money every year. Cars get more efficient, planes use … Read more

We Need A Muhammad Ali in Real Estate

There’s an old story passed down from generations called, “ham in the pan.” It’s the one where generations of women traditionally trimmed the sides off hams before cooking them in the oven. Why? Because back then, ovens were smaller and the ham wouldn’t fit. Over the years,  the size of ovens grew and so did … Read more

Home Values Hit Record High in 2017

According to Realtor.com, for four consecutive months, $250,000 was the median listing price in the U.S. which was the highest list price on record for November 2016, a whopping 9% more than November 2015. So what is driving higher prices? Simply put, diminishing supply. The number of U.S. homes for sale in 2016 dropped 5% … Read more

A Ridiculous Rule That Destroys Home Prices

If you are a home seller in the U.S., selling with a traditional 6% agent, you’re most likely losing money. An old-fashioned MLS (Multiple Listing Service) rule prohibits agents from generating buzz for a home using the strategy of pre-marketing. Why does this matter? Because if you create buzz around a new house, buyer anticipation … Read more