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Pay Only $990 To Sell Your Home

How does
990 work?

Pay only $990 and sell at a higher price too! It’s true. We save you money and create more buyer demand for your home. It’s the best of both worlds. Watch this short video to learn more.

“Our experience with 990 Sells was our best with a real estate transaction… ever!"
“Our agent provided superior service for only $990.”
“A $990 commission should be the future of real estate!”
“Our 990 agent made selling our home a really fantastic venture.”
“Our experience with 990 Sells was our best with a real estate transaction… ever!”
“Our home was sold in JUST 11 days and we saved over $9000.”
“The 990 savings we made selling our home funded a year’s tuition for our son.”
“Our 990 agent was stellar and better than any 6% agent we have used in the past”

Sell your home for more than it's worth

Learn a proven way to sell for 3%-5% more than your neighbors

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990 Agents Sell Homes

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990 Agents Sell Homes

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990 Sellers

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990 Sellers

$ 2000

See how much you save with 990

When You SELL With
A Local 990 Agent

Sell with a 990 agent and save thousands.
Compute your 990 savings compared to a 6% agent in the slider above.

990 commission = $990 + 3% of sale price. Traditional commission = 6% of sale price.

Your 990 savings may be greater if the buyer agent commission in your area is less than 3%.  

Smart Real Estate

This is not discount real estate, it’s smart real estate. Anyone can charge less, do less and earn less. Few create an industry-disrupting formula that enables them to profit fairly while their customers experience a better result at a lower cost. Amazon did it. Uber did it. We did it.

990 Agents Work Harder

6% agents earn a whopping 3% the moment you list. Many collect listings, doing little to sell them. 990 agents can’t do that. They only earn $990 when you list. Their profit comes from working hard to find a buyer for your home so they can earn the 2.5%-3% buyer-side commission.