How It Works

Smart Real Estate

There’s a smarter way to sell your home. It has already saved home sellers millions of dollars.

But 990 is not just a way to save. It’s a way to attract more buyers, the key to selling your home faster, at a higher price.

Read on. You’ll see.

What's The Catch?

We are often asked, “What’s the catch.” We expect this question because the $990 flat fee is so low. There is no catch.

The 990 home selling system was intelligently designed by 35-year real estate veteran Greg Hague. Greg’s creative home selling strategies have been featured by Forbes, Real Estate Today, NPR, U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, and over 300 publications worldwide.

How Does The 990 Commission Work?

The traditional 6% commission is typically paid half to the listing agent and half to the agent who represents the buyer. With the 990 program, instead of paying 3% of the sale price to your listing agent, you either pay $990 or 1.5 percent depending on whether the buyer is procured by a real estate agent or is unrepresented and comes through one of your open houses.

Buyer agent commissions vary by market, but are typically 3%. If the normal buyer agent commission in your market is 2.5%, you even save more.

It is important to offer a commission to buyers’ agents. If you don’t, they won’t show your home. And since most buyers work with agents, this would significantly reduce the demand for your home.

How Can 990 Agents Charge So Little?

Technology. Times have changed. It doesn’t cost what it used to to market homes. According to the National Association of Realtors, 98% of home buyers start their search online. With home search sites like Zillow, Trulia and, agents can expose their listings to virtually every buyer in the nation at minimal cost.

More buyers. Because 990 agents charge so little, they list more homes. The more homes they have listed, the more buyers they attract. Having more buyers gives our agents an edge over traditional agents in matching the right buyer to the right home. The result? 990 agents sell more homes.

Business model. There is very little profit in our agents’ $990 list commission. But charging so little attracts sellers, which attracts buyers, enabling our agents to earn more buyer side commissions. In other words, 990 agents don’t profit by listing homes, they profit by selling homes.

How Much do You Save?

Do the math.

You save over $8000 when selling a $300,000 home. ($300,000 X 3% = $9000 – $990 = $8010).

You save over $14,000 when selling a $500,000 home. ($500,000 X 3% = $15,000 – $990 = $14,010).

This is additional cash in your pocket at closing. You sacrifice nothing. You save thousands.

990 Agents Work Harder

Traditional 6% agents know they’ve earned half the commission when you sign the listing. Some “collect listings,” focusing on listing homes instead of selling the homes they have listed.

990 agents can’t do this. Since they earn just $990 on the list side, they must work, work, work to find a buyer for your home. They strive to earn the buyer side commission in addition to their $990 list commission.

We Are Not A Real Estate Firm

990 agents are full service Realtors affiliated with top local and national real estate firms. We handpick, train and license some of the best agents in each market to offer our 990 program.

Most 990 agents were previously top producing 6% agents whose clients increasingly demanded lower fees. They saw the light and looked for a win-win business model that enabled them to charge less, increase their earnings, and prepare for the future of real estate.

990 Agents are Modern Marketers

We believe traditional real estate marketing is behind the times. The basic process hasn’t changed in 50 years. Signs. MLS. Ads. The only difference is the advertising medium. It used to be print. Now it’s the Internet.

We studied the marketing techniques used by firms like Apple and Tesla to build anticipation and motivate buyers to stand in line before they are allowed to buy. We imported these strategies into real estate, and teach every 990 agent how to use them before they are certified to offer our program.

How does Apple get people lining up at midnight to buy the next iPhone? That’s what 990 agents learn to do when selling your home.

The 990 Home Launch Formula

It’s been hailed, “a revolution in real estate marketing.” Our trademarked “22-Step Home Launch Formula,” has been featured in Forbes and over 300 other publications worldwide.

Even if our agents didn’t offer you a savings, you should hire them to sell your home. 990 agents use this powerful home selling strategy to generate buyer excitement and increase the probability your home will sell faster, at a higher price.

Our Mission Is Clear

Driven by technology. Committed to excellence. Determined to lower the cost of selling a home.

990 agents work harder, charge less, and have a more advanced process to sell your home faster, at the highest possible price.