Why a Seller’s Story Should be Told

A house is more than just a piece of property – it’s a home. It is where hopes and dreams reside.  It is where we make memories and grow through stages of our lives.

When you make the decision to sell your home, you are more than just the “sellers”.  You are real people with a story. You are parents, children, adventurers, professionals, retirees, grandparents…with your own reasons for moving on.

When you sign an agreement with a Realtor to list your house, he is bound to confidentiality. Without your permission, he cannot share details about you and your circumstances with other agents or potential buyers. But, because you are more than just “sellers” and the people looking for a home are more than just “buyers”,  sharing a part of your story offers distinct advantages.

Despite the prevalence of technology in real estate today, it’s important to remember that people do business with people.

You’ve probably heard of buyers’ agents recommending that their buyers write a personal letter to sellers when faced with a competitive bidding scenario.  They are told to tell the seller that they’ve fallen in love with the home – They can picture raising their family there and making many happy memories. When competing offers come in, a personal touch like this can often tip the scales in favor of the buyers who have connected on an emotional level. You might call this a successful “buyer motivation story”.

If you’ve decided to sell your home, you are motivated.  You want it sold quickly, for a fair price. No one wants to show their house for months, waiting for an offer to come in. Personalizing your side of the story is a powerful tool for your listing agent to use when marketing your home.

First imagine buyers scrolling through listings on the MLS, some of which have been listed for weeks or months.  Their agent calls on a listing and is told, “The owners don’t really need to sell, but you are welcome to set up a showing.”

Now imagine a buyer’s agent receiving a call from your listing agent before your home has even appeared on the MLS. “My sellers are buying a larger home in DC Ranch and they are anxious to get their house sold and move before school starts.  That’s why we’ve priced it so attractively. This is a great property at an amazing price and we expect it to sell quickly. Would you like the opportunity to preview it before anyone else?”

Your agent has not implied that the buyer could pay less than asking price. In fact, he’s done the opposite by letting the buyers’ agent know that the home is priced aggressively to sell quickly. Buyers don’t want to lose out on a house that could be “the one” – especially one that’s a fantastic deal!

When you are selling your home, don’t be afraid to share your own “seller motivation story” as a part of your marketing strategy. As people, buyers will relate to your reasons for selling. A truthful, compelling story that creates urgency and reinforces the value of your home for the money will give buyers a reason to line up for showings and make winning offers.